Door Dings/Minor Dents

All those annoying door dings and minor dents you receive from the mall parking lot or your parking stall at work don't have to be that eyesore anymore. Most of this type of damage can be repaired using Paintless Dent repair techniques and we excel at it. It is cost effective, quick, and environmentally friendly.

Small dent repairs start as low as $80.

  • Nearly all repairs are completed same day, some in as little as an hour.
  • There are no fillers, primers or paint used in our process. Your original paint is preserved!
  • Ideal before you return your leased vehicle.
Hail Damage
  • Hail damage falls under your comprehensive insurance coverage as a no fault claim.
  • No insurance? We will do our best to treat you fairly and repair your car as cost effectively as possible.
  • Insurance preferred method for hail repair
  • Fastest and most environmentally friendly form of hail repair.
  • Preserve your original paint finish

If your damage requires a combination of PDR and conventional autobody repairs – we can accommodate that as well – we work with some of Calgary's leading repair shops on a daily basis.


We have repaired hail damage for all of Alberta's Insurance companies over the years, but we never lose focus that YOU are our customer and do what is required to get your vehicle repaired properly.


So my story is that 2 other dent places said no way to my rather large dent on my BMW which was also on the crease. One of the technicians at another place (good guy but i wont name them so he doesnt get in trouble), said to try Eco-Dent. They are a little hard to find but well worth it. They did a great job, you can only tell if you knew there was a dent there before and only by looking very hard. You can tell they are master technicians at this. To top it off, they made it easy to try them, NOT the usual let us try but you still have to pay us if it doesnt work out very well.